>From:          Richard Altom
>To:            "heb_roots_chr@geocities.com"<heb_roots_chr@geocities.com>
> Subject:       SHEKINAH
>Can you please give me some information on the Shekinah - The Glory
>of God? The question I have is can you related the Shekinah with the
>Holy Spirit? Was this the pure light of God that clothed Adam and
>Eve? Is this the pure light of God that regenerates man in his new
>birth? What is the difference between the Shekinah and the kivod
>(glory) of God?
>Thank you and God bless you for any and all help that you can give.
>Shalom ,
>Rev. Rich Altom

From:          Athol Bloomer
To:            heb_roots_chr@hebroots.org
Subject:       Re: SHEKINAH and KIVOD

Dear Sir,

Kavod(Glory) is an attribute of God. Shekinah is the process of
how the Davar (Word) through the power of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit)
can dwell in time and place. Shekinah has become associated with the Divine
Presence. The light in the Garden of Eden was in the Jewish tradition
associated with the Shekinah in that the phrase Adam drove out
et(Alef/Tav)is seen that when Adam sinned the Shekinah as Alef Tav(Alpha and
Omega)went into exile with Adam when he repented.The primorial Light
mentioned in the creation account is the light of the Shekinah and the light
of mashiach according to some traditions. Jesus was the Shekinah in the
flesh,but he hid his attribute of kavod when he walked on the earth and it
was only revealed on Mt.Tabor. The Shekinah is also associated in its
feminine aspect with the Community(Kehilla)of Israel. Shekinah embodies all
the attributes of God that have been made manifest.Shekinah is the
Primordial Adam (Man ) in which Adam and Eve where made in the image of.It
is this Primordial Light that will create the new Heavens and the new earth.
As the Shekinah dwelt in the Jewhish Temple so now he dwells in his Temple
-the Body of Mashiach. 

Athol Bloomer


>From:          Paul H. McCarus
>To:            "Hebraic Institute" <heb_roots_chr@geocities.com>
>Subject:       Significance of names of the 7 tribes
>Dear Eddie,
>Would you please help me  in my Old Testament studying, by telling me
>the meaning of the names of the seven Canaanite tribes who occupied
>the Promised  Land prior to the time of Joshua?  I know the meanings
>of their names  must have incredible spiritual significance, but I
>cannot find much  about them.  Any input from fellow readers would be
>a blessing.  Thank  you.

From:         Pastor Harland Miller
To:            <heb_roots_chr@hebroots.org>
Subject:       Re: Significance of the Canaanite tribes


I believe you are correct on the spiritual implications of the
Canaanite tribes. Their names indicate the enemies that must be
concurred for us to live in our individual "promised land." Our
individual promised land is the place of maturity where we fulfill
heaven's greatest goals and destinies for our lives.

Most of the meanings can be seen in Strongs or in context of their
actions such as the Hivites. The Girgashites were gotten from a Bible

Deu 7:1  When the LORD thy God shall bring thee into the land whither
thou goest to possess it, and hath cast out many nations before thee,
the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the
Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites,
seven nations greater and mightier than thou;

   Fear - to break down either by violence or by confusion and fear

   Idolatry - worshiper of the Egyptian god of light

   Pride - publicity, boast self

   Self-devaluation - humiliate, vanquish, bring down low, to

   Isolation - separate

   Deception - Lied and made a covenant with Israel. (Josh 9:7)

   Influenced by the world's sin - loath, tread down under foot, be

Harland Miller, Pastor