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Subject: The story of Nimrod
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From: Wilhelm J Wolfaardt
Subject: The story of Nimrod


Nimrod, the grandson of Noah, became the first king known as
Sargon I. He built Babylon and Nineveh. Being warlike, he wore a type
of helmet with a horn in the front; a trait inherited by the druid
Vikings of the Celts, descendants of the Assyrian line.

Nimrod means "tyrant". He led the Sumerians of Babylon to pay tribute
to the skies (sun, moon, stars, planets) with the sacrifice of their
children. The Tower of Babel was built for this purpose, echoed in
other cultures such as the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas. Since the head
of this government was such an idolatrous tyrant, Shem (Nimrod's
uncle) killed him. Nimrod's mother, Semiramis, consoled the people by
making them believe the child she carried was Nimrod "reincarnated"
-- and named him "Duzu" (Tammuz), Babylonian for the son who rises.
This Duzu went into the groves (forests) and placed a gift on a tree
to honor Nimrod each year at the winter solstice. It has been said
that Duzu was the offspring of Nimrod, who mated with his mother.
Nimrod became known as Baal, meaning LORD, and was worshipped by the
Babylonians as the sun in the sky -- thus the origin of "going to the
heavens" at death.

Trees and branches became symbols of Nimrod. Because Nimrod was "cut
down" by Shem, a tree stump became a place of honoring him. Thus, the
Hebrew Scriptures speak of the pagans going into the "groves", and
bringing a "branch to the nose", and going into the forest and
cutting down a tree, decorating it, and propping it up a so that it
will not totter. The winter solstice was the time when the sun was
thought to be "reborn", so December 25th was celebrated as Baal's
(Nimrod's) birthday. By tradition, the artificial idea of a New Year
following this birthday celebration became an integral part of every
human culture, based on this pagan idolatry. Generally, all mankind
is fast asleep, dreaming this old Babylonian dream.

Christmas is an attempt by Catholicism to revise and adopt this
paganism. In the year 525, a Scythian monk named Dionysius Exiguus
visited Rome. He witnessed the ancient pagan celebration of the
winter solstice (then called Paganalia or Saturnalia), and this
offended his devout sensibilities. Scripture itself demands that we
observe the Messiah's death, not His birth. But, since the
pagan mind was so oriented around fertility and birth, it developed
the way we see it today, blending the most important features of
pagan interpretation. "Babel, the Great Mother of Harlots and of the
Abominations of the Earth" -- has intoxicated the masses, and she
herself is drunk with the blood of the set-apart ones.

What is her name? It's Easter! Semiramis, Nimrod's mother, became
known as "Magna Mater", the "Great Mother", and was worship-ped as
Mother Earth. The Sun "mated" with the Earth each spring, and the
"Rites of Spring" symbolized by the "May Pole" and "Easter" came 9
moons/months before the December 25th "birth" of the winter Sun. Her
Assyrian name, Ishtar, gives us the word "Easter". The Romans called
her Astarte, and the Phoenicians used Asherah. The Hebrews called her
Astoroth, the consort of Baal. Her emblem is the flower of the lily.
She is the "goddess of the dawn", and her statue stands on a bridge
in France. The French made a colossus of this image, and it now
stands in New York Harbor, facing "East" -- in itself a word
referring to the rising son/sun -- from which her name springs!


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