From: Tony Galli
Subject: Charles and the Microchip Implant

Dear Eddie,

I have tried to contact CNN for a video tape of the segment highlighting
that the prince and his 2 sons have taken a microchip implant in 1996. They
told me (in 1997) that "we can't it"!

The original source where I obtained this information is from an article by
Chris Beard (St. Christopher) entitled "Beast of the Sea":
from: BEAST OF THE SEA   by Chris Beard:

..It may also interest you that on March 6th, 1996 on CNN, Charles showed
the world that he and his sons had been the first people to be voluntarily
implanted with a microchip in their right hands for security purposes.
About the same time he elected to have his religious title of "Defender of
the Faith" to be changed to the plural "Defender of Faith". British Prime
Minister has recently blasted the prince over this issue. There are two
biographies available on Charles that describe his desire to unite all the
world's religions in order for peace. He is deeply occultic and has
rejected the God of his fathers (Dan.11:37) perhaps the reason why the
crowning "stone of scone", Jacob's pillar, was returned to Scotland in
November 1996. He reportedly had a spiritual conversion in 1979 in Africa
he described as "like Paul's experience on the road to Damascus". However
it has been confirmed that he converted to Islam in Turkey about 1993. He
has visited the largest Mosques in Britain and Europe and the next stop may
be the Dome of the Rock, the holiest Mosque of all...

Take Care,

Tony Galli


From:          Richard Milner
Subject:       AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea

If you are interested in finding out more about the book by Tim Cohen
called "Antichrist and a Cup of Tea". Sid Roth has done an interview
with Tim Cohen on his book "Antichrist and a Cup of Tea" and you can
find it on under "archive files" on the weekly
broadcast page. Also, you can get the tape and the book "Antichrist
and a Cup of Tea".

Shalom and Lord Bless You,


From: Eddie Chumney
Subject:   Prince Charles: The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea

     In the last month, I have read two compelling books that I
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     The two books are:

      The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea by Tim Cohen (445 pages)
      Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince by Joan Veon (160 pages)

    Both of these books present compelling and informative info about
Prince Charles, his background, genealogy, involvement in the Middle
East Peace Process, involvement in formulating world environmental
issues and business policy, his association with the United Nations,
freemasonry and the symbolic meaning of his coat of arms.

      Is Prince Charles the Anti-Christ? I don't know. Only time will
tell. In any event, these books are very informative and very
compelling in giving you a background and understanding of the role
that Prince Charles in playing in our world today. 

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