Subject: Esther Prophetic Allegory
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From:         Paul Jablonowski
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Subject:       Esther Prophetic Allegory

The Bride - Chosen For Such A Time As This

There are those among us that are chosen vessels of the Lord which are
to be firstfruits that will pave the way and lead many others into the
promised land. If you are one of these prepared and chosen vessels, the
Lord has a specific message to you that is found in the book of Esther.

The book of Esther was written during the captivity under the Persian
empire. The characters in this story are Vashti, king of Persia
(Ahasuerus), Esther, Mordicai (Esther's uncle), and Haman. The story
goes like this:

Vashti (representing those who refuse the Higher call of Christ) was
queen in Persia and was called by king Ahasuerus (representing Jesus) to
a feast (representing the wedding feast) but refused to come (Esther
1:12). The king then cut off Vashti from His presence (Esther 1:19) and
sought for a fair virgin that would carry the call of queen with grace
and dignity (Esther 2:2). Esther had neither father nor mother (Esther
2:7). Mordecai became her father when her mother and father died. This
speaks of her coming under the guidance of the eunich's which are called
to prepare the bride. It also speaks of her coming out from her natural
parents (the church) to be adopted by those called to prepare her for
the King.

In this we see two distinct callings, those who are called to prepare
the bride and those who are called to be the bride. As we will see
later, both will receive a great reward.

Esther found favor in the King's sight (Esther 2:9) but was charged by
her uncle Mordecai (representing the spiritual eunich's that are to
prepare the bride for Christ) not to reveal this to the other Jews
(Esther 2:10).

She was first made a fair maiden and dwelt amongst the maidens. After 12
months the king delighted in her over all the virgins chosen and made
her queen over Vashti (Esther 2:17). She was again charged not to reveal
this to the other Jews. Why? She had a call on her life that would
ultimately save all the other Jews from destruction by Haman (represents
satan). If she was revealed to her people too soon, God's plan for His
people to be delivered would have been foiled by the other Jews (because
of jealousy and misunderstanding).

Mordecai sat in the kings gate constantly. This is were all those who
are spiritual eunichs sit today, at the kings gate. Haman was a prince
in the land (prince of this world) and wanted reverence from all who he
passed by (as does satan and those who contain his same nature, which is
pride). He passed through the gate were Mordecai sat but Mordecai would
not bow to him (Esther 3:2), and once Haman found out that he was a Jew,
sought to exterminate all Jews from the land (Esther 3:6). This event
will soon come to pass as antichrist appears on the scene. Haman then
sent letter throughout the land charging that at a certain set time all
Jews would be exterminated from the land.

We find out now why Esther was chosen. Mordecai charged Esther to bid
the king in this matter with the Jews and suggested that she was chosen
"for such a time as this" to save her people from destruction.

As queen, Esther first elevates Mordecai in the sight of the king by
telling Him how Mordecai foiled a conspiracy to kill the king at an
earlier time. When this was verified by the King's chronicles, the King
then sought to exalt Mordecai.

In the meantime, Haman had made gallows to hang Mordecai from because he
would not bow to Him. When the King finds out about this plot to kill
Mordecai, the tables are turned on Haman. As the story turns out, Haman
gets executed (antichrist thrown into the lake of fire).

The queen then bids the King to reverse the letters from Haman to
exterminate all Jews from the land at an appointed time and it is rather
the Jews advesaries that are killed. Mordecai, becomes ruler over all
the provinces of Persia second only to the king (those who rule and
reign with Christ on earth during millenium), and Esther reigns as queen
(bride of Christ).

There are several messages in this story that need to be highlighted.
First, we see two specific callings in operation while the Jews (God's
people) are in bondage. One is to raise up a queen (Esther; bride of
Christ) that has a call to deliver those from their advesary (satan).
The second calling are the spiritual eunich's (Mordecai) who are called
to raise up the bride. The purpose of these high callings, as we see
from the story is to deliver the Jews from their advesaries.

Secondly, these two callings represent God's kingdom government being
established. Both of these two callings rule with the King, as will
those who are overcomers now in the millenium. So both Esther and
Mordecai have both an immediate calling and a long range calling on
their lives. The immediate call was for Esther and Mordecai to free
God's people. The long range calling (millenial call) was to rule and
reign with the King.

Notice from the context of this story that it is from the establishment
of God's true government (leadership) that the rest of the Jews (God's
people) are delivered. God's true leadership will always deliver and set
at liberty His children.

Thirdly, while Esther was being raised up and later chosen as queen, she
was exhorted to keep her favor with the king to herself and not tell the
other Jews. Hindsight is 20/20! The Jews would not have understood her
call  that time (only after did they understand) and likewise the
exhortation to those being raised up in this hour is that you have been
chosen to free His people but you must keep these things in your heart.
Those who are in bondage around you will not understand until later the
reason why the Lord has exalted you in this season.

In conclusion, the Lord is now opening up the scriptures and revealing
His hidden messages for the end-time church so that He may fulfill His
plans and purposes for this specific time period through us. Let us be
sensitive to the Lord as He reveals these truth's and ask Him for the
wisdom, understanding, and grace to both find and fulfill our calling in
this last hour.

                        Jim & Terri Rinker
                        Passion for Jesus Ministry