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Subject: What does "Halacha" mean?


From:         Robert Hill
Subject:       Halacha

Dear Eddie:

What does "Halacha" mean?

>From Eddie:

       Halacha comes from the Hebrew word Halak (Strong's 1980) which 
means "to walk". Halacha means "the way one walks" or "how you keep 
the commandments of God".

        In the Bible, God gives many commandments for us to follow. The 
question then becomes HOW do I follow and keep these 
commandments that God has given. The Hebrew word given to 
communicate how you follow and keep God's  commandments is the 
word "Halacha" (the way one walks).

        In John 14:6, Yeshua/Jesus said that He was the WAY. The word 
"way" in Hebrew is the Strong's Word (1870) and is the Hebrew word
"Derek".  The word "Derek" means "a course of life or mode of action, 
a road trodden".  "Halacha" is meant to show you the "Derek" (way) 
that you are to live and keep God's commandments.