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Subject: What is a Gentile ??

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Subject:       Re: Should HaGoyim eat Biblicly Kosher?

Rav Eddie,

>A related question.  As a believer in Y'shua I do not need to consider 
>myself one of the goyim, even though I was not born to a Jewish mother, do

Biblically, a "Goyim" or Gentile has a meaning applicable to being a pagan and having no covenant with the G-d of 
Israel.  In today's society, it means that you are not a Jew.

As a believer in Yeshua/Jesus as Messiah and a follower of the G-d of Israel, by being a member of the family of G-d 
you are really a Biblical spiritual Israelite  (Romans 2:28-29) because you have been GRAFTED into the Olive Tree by accepting 
Yeshua / Jesus as Messiah through the covenant that G-d made with Avraham (Galations 3:16, 29). Spiritually, we are not "Goyim / 

> As one who accepts Y'shua, I am part of the mishpakah of God, and one
>of Avraham's seed.  I no longer should identify with the goyim, but rather
>with the Lord Yeshua and His people. I have been adopted into the family of
>God -- regardless of my fleshly lineage.  Am I off target here?

John,  you are absolutely correct.

>John Parsons

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