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From: Eddie Chumney
Subject: Hebraic Conferences and Seminars


Dear Mishpachah (family):

I would like to thank all the newsgroup members for their patience and understanding in bearing with me in the past year in making my transition into full-time ministry. I was officially released from responsibilities from my former employer of 17 years in November, 2002.

Full-time ministry began with a trip to New Zealand and Australia to teach the Hebraic roots of Christianity from Nov 25 - Jan 25. When I returned from New Zealand and Australia, I spoke at a two house congregation in Miami Beach, Florida on Feb 14-15. I spoke in Canada from Feb 21-Mar 4 in Calgary, Saskatoon and Kelowna. Then, I traveled to South Africa and spoke in CapeTown, George, Jeffries Bay, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg from Mar 7-25.


On March 27, Monte Judah (from Lion and Lamb Ministries - lionlamb.net) and I had a meeting with Dan Juster (former President of the UMJC --- Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations) about the understanding of the two houses of Israel. Nationally recognized Messianic song leader, Paul Wilbur, was the moderator of the meeting. Full results of the meeting is expected to be released in several weeks when Dan Juster submits a written paper / e-mail message of his perspective of the meeting. At that time, Monte and I will release full details of the meeting. However, the meeting was VERY POSITIVE.


Plans are being made to launch the HHMI tape ministry. I have made about 20-25 messages over the past 5 years or so that I have been speaking at various conferences and seminars. I am working with Monte Judah of Lion and Lamb ministries to help to produce the audio tapes and well as CD's and tape albums. The expected completion date where these tapes will be made available to the public is June 1.

2003 / 2004 HHMI PROJECTS

In the next year or so, I plan to write my next book, "Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers". I have read about 30 books in preparing to write this book and I will read about 25-30 more before I start writing the book. In addition, I plan to put together in the next year or so a one year discipleship series / Yeshiva program on understanding the Hebraic roots of Christianity to help beginners and raise up teachers who can start their own Hebraic congregations from having their own fellowship groups and studies.


The first Hebraic Heritage Ministries congregation is being birthed in Massillon, Ohio in the next several months.

From the planned, one year discipleship series / Yeshiva home study program, HHMI hopes to eventually raise up more Hebraic congregations and fellowships in the USA and around the world.


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