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From: Rabbi Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky
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Subject: Covenant of Salt


By Rabbi Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky

With scriptural contributions by Rebbetzin Wendy McNulty


In Bamidbar/Numbers 18:19 it is stated that all of Yisrael's offerings offered to Yahweh must be offered seasoned with salt. This ordinance is a mishpat/ruling that makes perfect sense, as Israel's sons and daughters are to engage in an eternal covenant of salt with Yahweh when offering their personal sacrifices. The term "covenant of salt" is indicative of the everlasting nature of the relationship between the children of salt, and their Elohim Yahweh. When we hear the term salt, the understanding is that the things Yahweh addresses are eternal, enduring, never changing, and abiding forever. All salt covenants then are eternal, and eternally binding on the sons and daughters of Yisrael, regardless where they are to be found, and regardless of whether a physical temple stands on Mt. Moriyah or not.


In Wayiqra/Leviticus 2:13 it is confirmed that all Israelite offerings must be seasoned with salt. We as Israel's children must make sure that our salt does not lack in any service, or act of obedience to or for Yahweh Elohim. This mishpat/ruling has never been reneged, and has never been removed in the Brit Chadasha. All of the offerings not only had to be seasoned with salt but had to be void of leaven, a type of sin, and of honey, a favorite appeasement tool offered in almost all pagan nations in their sacrifices. Pagan deities were known to have an appetite for honey, a sweet but false substitute to the sweetness that can only come from a close relationship with Israel's King and His Son. The honey was used to appease the false deities, as well as to humanize them by feeding them honey! By giving them sweet offerings, mankind thought that the deity would be more apt to respond favorably.

Yahweh cannot be bribed or convinced to do our desire by candy and honey offerings or by any other sacraments. Our forefathers tried it in the past by offering cakes of honey and oil (Yehchezkel/Ezekiel 16:19) to the "queen of heaven" known today in popery as the allegedly "sinless" Mother Mary. Rather, we are called by the Messiah TO OFFER OURSELVES to Yahweh, as His Israel because Yahweh is sweet and good in and of Himself, and not outside of Himself. He expects that same sweet spirit to be in us, as it is in Him. Yahweh makes it clear that neither sin nor wrong motive will get Him to move on our behalf. He Himself is the sweetness we need. He Himself is our great reward (Genesis/Bereshith 15:1). We must only approach Yahweh within the salt covenant, and not with honey and leaven.

Yahweh is looking for sacrifices from our lives as returning Yisrael with eternal, long term, and abiding commitments in our doctrines and lifestyles. He does not want any offerings made out of the emotional need of a moment or a knee jerk action. The Israelite must approach Him with an understanding that any commitment, and any offering cannot be reneged upon or made into any short-term arrangement. The Babylonian system of religion from which Yahudah and Ephraim are escaping (Rev. 18:4), are known by their temporal and shifting doctrines, highlighted by short-term commitments from both the worshipper and their perception of Yahweh. A perfect example of the violation of the Israelite covenant of salt is the churches propagation of dispensationalism, which is all but a guarantee that all their doctrines, teachings, actions, and understandings will be full of honey and leaven lacking in enduring salt. Honey is symbolic of manipulation by the worshipper towards the Heavenly Judge.

Salt on the other hand is a time proven and consistent preservative that prevents decay and corruption with enduring quality. The forefathers of Yisrael preserved their food with salt in place of the modern refrigerator. The important things of sustenance were preserved with salt. Israel's health was often preserved with baths in the Salt-Sea, which preserved their skin and appearance. Just as in the physical, so it is in the spiritual. All the important elements of Israelite worship must be preserved with salt. Salt typifies abiding, eternality, steadfastness, stability, and permanence and even the very character and reliability of Abba Yahweh Himself! Therefore every sacrifice and every ordinance in the First Covenant by definition must be eternal, since Israel could only approach Yahweh with ordinances using salt offerings. These salt offerings were known to be everlasting due to the eternal and enduring nature of salt's preservation power along with what it implied in the spirit realm. From this understanding, we see that all of Torah has been preserved by the eternal covenant of salt given to Yisrael. Israelite worship was to be characterized by steadfast eternal immutability, unlike the shifting sands of the "pleasure for the moment" motives of the nations.


Salt was also used to seal a bond of friendship forever. Brethren at an Israelite table would seal their friendship by the sharing of salt. Salt was a means in Yisrael by which friends solidified and preserved their commitment to each other by a covenant of shared salt at a table of shared community. In much the same way, Israelites were bonded with Yahweh with all the various approaches to Him being seasoned with the eternal salt covenant.It is the Master's desire to be sealed with us in an eternal covenant of friendship seasoned with salt. Now if His best friend and bride is Israel, and if Israel has sealed that relationship with salt, then Yahweh cannot marry a "gentile church bride", and neither can He balance two brides through manmade superimposed dispensationalism. He must remain eternally faithful to Yisrael alone despite Yisrael's lack of faithfulness, and despite all other considerations.

Yahweh, due to His own eternal covenant of salt, has just two options. He can renew Yisrael through the regeneration of Ephraim and Judah or He can do nothing. Thankfully as we know according to Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 31:31, He has chosen the better option for Israel, and has decided to renew both houses through Yahshua the Moshiach, as well as invite others to join the renewed Commonwealth. Any creation or birthing of a separate entity called the church would result in a violation of the eternal covenant of salt by Yahweh Himself, which we know is a scriptural impossibility. Yahshua's renewal of Yisrael through His cleansing blood has been seasoned with the required salt of endurance and eternal commitment. He relates to us in salt covenant, and that's the way He expects us to relate to Him.


Grain seasoned with salt was symbolic of provision. Even though Israel today is not to literally bring grain offerings to Yahweh in the Jerusalem temple, we are to provide grain offering to His modern day servants as it is written, "Yahweh hath ordained that those who preach the Good News, should live [maintain sustenance] from the Good News"(1 Cor. 9:14). So our current grain offering is made to the five fold ministers, who care for the sheep as well as to the orphan, poor, and widow in our midst. When Yisrael does these mitzvoth, they are seasoning all their offerings with salt.


The Israelite also subjects his human body and it's passions by self-control according to First Cor. 9:25-27, lest we should become castaways. So the very offering of our purity through set-apartness is a seasoning of salt. A Renewed Covenant Yisraelite while not being able to keep the pashat or literal mitzvah of sundry offerings because the temple no longer stands, can jump down into the remez or hint level, which is the second level of scriptural interpretation, which then allows all of Yahudah/Judah and Ephraim to keep salt covenant by accepting all Torah misphatim and chukim on a remez level, when AND ONLY WHEN the pashat or literal level cannot be applied.

Because Christianity cannot get past their valid but often limited first level/literal interpretation of scripture, and their unwillingness to adopt anything they perceive to be "too Jewish", i.e. the four levels of scriptural interpretation, (since they cannot bring literal gifts to the Jerusalem Temple) they willfully yet wrongfully dismiss these ordinances as outdated "Jewish legalism", which cannot be performed. But what we are about to see shortly is that ALL can be done by Israel, if and when a returning Israelite is willing to adopt the Hebraic understanding of scripture, which allows for a minimum of four basic and valid accepted methods of scriptural understanding for each mitzvah, in order to make the divine eternal and enduring connection required by Yahweh to His eternal bride Yisarel.

So in order for Yahweh not to be found to be a liar, He must still provide ways for all mitzvoth to be performed, though one may have to dig four levels deep to get the method of approach. Since Yahsuua has fulfilled all requirements of the sacrificial system for blood, grain, and drink offerings, we must now go through Messiah, since they are all offerings seasoned with His salt to His Father and Elohim. Yahweh expects these salt offerings to continue, and to still be guarded but commands us to do them through Messiah, and through His tabernacle service in the tabernacle in heaven not pitched with man's hands. So on a sod/esoteric level, the sacrifices are eternal due to their being seasoned with salt, and under the eternal covenant of salt with eternal Israel. Only the realm of the offerings have changed, NOT THE REQUIREMENTS THEMSELVES. That is exactly what the Book of Ivrim is all about!

The Christians see Yahshua's Cohen Hagadol or High Priestly role as one of singing and whistling Amazing Grace to His Father Abba Yahweh after having offered His own blood once and for all. The Israelite does not accept that, seeing rather all of the eternal salt offerings of the First Covenant tabernacle, as ongoing and as taking PLACE LITERALLY through Yahshua, who performs them all before Abba Yahweh, albeit on a different and invisible plane. So the Sun-Day system of worship will never understand Torah, and adopt it as their constitution, until and unless they begin to see things in four dimensions applying all four levels of Hebraic interpretation before giving up on a mitzvah as "Jewish stuff". A mitzvah is a commandment performed, which is literally defined as a divine connection to Yahweh.


According to Ivrim/Hebrews 13:15, we are to continue as Israel, to offer "slaughter offerings" to Yahweh continually, and forever through our lips. They no longer come from our hands but from our lips. So it is still Israel that walks in the covenant of salt but we use our lips rather than our hands and feet. Notice in Hebrews 13:15, the principle of continuity regarding the offerings seasoned by salt. The question is who is "the us", in Ivrim/Hebrews 13:5? The answer is obvious. Renewed Covenant Yisrael.

If the Torah has been nailed to Calvary as many claim, then why would Rav Shaul admonish us to perform these mitvahs by usage of the term "LET US", (writing to both houses according to Hebrews 8:12) offer slaughter offerings...The only people ever to do so without the honey and leaven, and with salt alone as the preservative, were are and will be Israel alone from among the nations. Yahweh's only and forever bride. So the obligation of salt offerings continues in the other levels of Hebraic truth rather than the literal temple. The Ephraimite still stuck in false religious systems does not see nor comprehend the fact that there are four gospel records, since the Father Yahweh determined that His atonement for Israel be understood on all four levels of Hebraic understanding.


The Christian theologian is puzzled as to why the four versions of the Besarot/Good News of Messiah, seem to often contradict each other, when the truth is that they do not. They are written on all four levels of Hebraic understanding. Mattityahu/Matthew in drash/parables/allegory, Mark/Moshe in pashat or plain literal simplicity, Luke in remez or hinting style, and Yochanan/John in sod or on the mystery level. Rav Shaul's epistles feature all four styles, and the Book of Revelation is totally written on the fourth level of sod. It is because Christian scholars are stuck in level one, that they habitually take metaphors and symbolism in the Book of Revelation meant to be understood as sod in a literal fashion, and therefore fall into some of the most absurd and childish interpretations of scripture, such as the assertion that the 200 million soldiers who cross the Euphrates River are actually Asian Orientals from mainland China, rather than demons released from Tartaros by the messenger (s.a.tan) with the key to the dark pit (Rev. 13:1). Lack of understanding of these four levels have resulted in scholars questioning the legitimacy of both the eternal salt commands of Torah, as well as the very inspiration of the gospels themselves. And they have no one to blame but themselves.

In order to continually offer these offerings of salt as Israelites to Yahweh, we must season these scarifies with salt. What kind of salt? The Name of Yahweh according to Ivrim/ Hebrews 13:15! We are to continue these salt offerings as children of the salt covenant, salted with the preservation and guarding power of the only true eternal "salt" Name of Abba, which is Yahweh. According to Yochanan 17:12, the invoking of His true Name by His talmidim/disciples, guards these sacrifices of Torah. Calling on HaShem or Baal/Lord Goad, is not seasoning our sacrifices to Yahweh with salt, since according to this verse all offerings must be salted and bound to the altar with the Name coming from our lips. How many modern day religious offerings of song, praise, worship and study are being offered to Yahweh as strange fire, due to lacking the proper binding and sealing of the offering by the absence of HIS TRUE NAME!


According to Second Divre HaYamim/Second Chronicles 13:5, Yahweh has given the kingdom to David and to David's seed Israel FORVER. Yahweh says in this verse that He has done so by the guarantee and immutability of the Torah principle of the salt covenant. Therefore the Kingdom of Yahweh both now, and in the atid lavoh/millenium, will be to Israel's seed alone, (Ephraim and Judah plus their companions), as a bonded salt covenant between Yahweh and Yisrael, for Yahweh Himself has made that guarantee. Since we are heirs of David's physical Kingdom, (Romans 8:17) we are the children of David, and the heirs of this eternal friendship covenant of and by salt. All the enduring Torah promises that are in Him and are yea and amein preserve us as Israel. None of the Torah salt offerings have been overturned by Yahshua into no and "no-mein" or "Lo-Mein". Messiah Yahshua came from David's loins, and thus His throne in Israel as Messiah, and the tabernacle in which He ministers in the heavens are both established by David's salt convent with Yahweh, that has been renewed by Messiah Himself, as the "Greater David" over both houses of Israel. His lineage and throne are both established by a covenant of salt. If Messiah Yahshua rules on David's throne, then the people He rules over cannot by definition be a so called "gentile church" but must be the heirs of the salt covenant of all the children of Jacob both from the Jewish tribes and the non-Jewish ten tribes of Israel (Luke 1:33).

Yahweh's covenant was, is and, always will be with Yahudah and Ephraim, and their companions. Not the companions of Rome and Wittenberg, Germany. Yahshua's blood, along with His friendship covenant of salt, guarantees Israel's eternal security as Yahshua's bride.


The children of salt are further identified in Yermeyahu/Jeremiah 33:20-21. A covenant of salt and friendship between Yahweh and Israel is as strong and secure as is the covenant Yahweh has with day and night. Reversing Israel's position as Yahweh's only bride is as impossible as breaking the laws of nature according to these verses. That's how powerful a covenant of salt is. It is as irreversible, as is Yahweh's bond with nature. When nature ceases then Israel will cease, and Israel's Torah will cease. But not one moment before. The children of salt are as bonded to Yahweh as are the ordinances of salt. Salt covenants and ordinances cannot be altered, changed, done away with, repealed, broken or changed. The Torah, the Throne of David, and the bond of love between Yahweh and Israel, are all seasoned with salt. Even the modern Judahite season of Passover finds all Passover foods adjacent to a literal bowl of salt, where all Passover items are dipped in a bowl of saltwater, reminding us of Yahweh's eternal promise of inheritance, and deliverance to both houses of Israel, even in bitter times.



Now.. Do you know of any "professing" believers in Messiah who have taken 3/4th of scriptures made up mostly of eternal ordinances, and just because they are found to the left side of Matthew, and have willfully discarded those eternal ordinances of salt? Do you know any "professing" believers who have taken salt and thrown out the eternal parts of salt that they either didn't like or didn't understand? Weren't the talmidim the very ones called out to uphold all the eternal or salt ordinances of Yahweh? Was not Yahshua Himself prophesying that His very own disciples who were called to be preservers of all things according to Matthew 5:19-29, would be the very ones that would lose their saltiness by discarding misunderstood portions of eternal salt covenants, and their statues? The only men and women that can lose their salt are the very ones who have had it all along, and the very ones that can lose it if they don't guard it.

Again by simple definition, one can only lose salt if they have the salt, and in correct biblical context it was the citizens of David's Kingdom that were the ones having the responsibility of preserving all things seasoned with salt. If Genesis to Revelation has been seasoned with salt.... And if Yahshua's WAYWARD talmidim/disciples are only preserving and dispensing Matthew through Revelation through adoption of their separate entity theology, and by ignoring the salt of the First Covenant, they then have in fact LOST THEIR SALT AS CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. Thus the lost children of Israel!

How many worthless, tasteless, and half-baked sermons and teachings(raw and not cooked with salt) have church leaders and imams offered up in the stead of Torah's love (Hosea 8:7)? In order for Israel's children to reclaim all their salt covenants, they must recommit to return to Torah, and begin to teach and proclaim the full counsel of Yahweh, that includes the Torah and the Renewed Covenant, as both being equally applicable and eternal for all believers in all generations.


Since the throne of Israel was established by a salt covenant, and since we are the sons and daughters of that Davidic Kingdom, then on the sod or the hidden fourth level of interpretation, Yahshua is saying to us today that "you are the salt of the earth" (Matt. 5:13) or YOU ARE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL!!!!!! 'I have come to regather the children of salt back into their own kingdom', which never was a Jewish kingdom, since Jews did not leave Egypt nor receive Torah. Israel did. If the children of Israel are the salt of the earth according to the Messiah, and His talmidim/disciples are the salt of the earth, then all the TRUE law abiding disciples in all generations are the seed of Israel. For only Israel is the salt of the earth, and only Israel seasons their offerings without honey and leaven but with the preserving power of salt alone. The reason these disciples were listening and obeying Yahshua by being drawn to Him, is because they were the children of salt, and Yahshua is calling them back to take their rightful place in rightful understanding, in the Kingdom Age to come, as the renewed reseasoned children of salt. Messiah Yahshua reminds us in places such as Matthew 15:24, that He has only come for the lost sheep of the House of Israel, (all 12 tribes in this context) and as such by declaring HIS DISCIPLES to be the earth's salt, He directly correlates them back to their PHYSICAL ANCESTORS who stood at Sinai's base, as they received the living oracles of salt to be offered in worship back to Yahweh for all eternity.

As children of salt, we are to bring the salt of Torah and Messiah to all of Yisrael (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 8:14-16; 8:20). IF THE SALT LOSES IT'S NEWFOUND IDENTITY AS THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF SALT, WE WLL LOSE OUR FOCUS AND DIRECTION, AS HAVE OUR BELIEVING FOREFATHERS, along with the true message of the kingdom.



When one loses their corporate identity as Israel, they are not only tossed to and fro by strange winds of doctrine, (Ephesians 4:14 &11) they are candidates to be trodden underfoot by men! And men's dogmas! This is further addressed in Ivrim/Hebrews 6:5-6, where Yahweh warned believers who have TASTED THE SALT OF ALL the good Word of Yahweh including the eternal First Covenant mishpatim, if they [should] fall away from all salt ordinances, they cannot be used by Yahweh again. For Yahweh will not allow lawless iniquity filled "professing" believers to be salt to others, when they themselves are not salt any longer, having forfeited that calling as Israel, foolishly claiming that Israelite identity is no longer important or that it was never taught by Messiah.

If we as Israel lose the salt we have in us through this latter-day renewal of all 12 tribes, we not only lose our power, and authority as the bride of Messiah but we also put our Master to open shame by doctrinally pitting him against His Father, as His Father seemingly loves Torah, while the Son seemingly desires to remove it, as He is often misunderstood by Greco-Roman "believers". Since the antinomian anti-salt covenant Gee Zoos is not the Yahshua of scripture, who seasoned all His talmidim/disciples with salt and, called us to teach all the salt ordinances of Israel, we must never put our loving and caring King to open ridicule and shame by being a false witness of Yahweh's eternality and immutability in teaching the Gee Zoos doctrine, rather than the faith of Yahshua Himself! We as Israel are called to have BOTH the faith of Yahshua, as well as faith in Yahshua!

Any salt-shaker (Israelite) that uses half of the shaker only, (Matthew to Revelation) is already being trodden under the feet and influence of wayward apostate men, and their manmade dogmatic replacement Torahs said to be weak, worldly and beggarly (Galatians 4:8-11)! Do you know any believers that can no longer dispense the salt that they've been called to dispense, due to their not seeing their true identity and their true PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL heritage in Yakkov?


In addition to being a preservative, salt is an irritant. When put in an open wound it irritates, hurts and stings. When we are truly being Messianic Yisrael in lifestyle not just in doctrine, we become stinging irritants to those around us who are wounded by false religion, as found in the Sin Day and Friday systems. Rather than hearing and seeing their need for medicine and healing (Torah), they act out against the salt, as if the salt is to blame. The salt when fully salted represents Yahweh, not themselves or their own doctrine or their own understanding. When the salt that's designed to create a strong thirst for true teaching in Israel, rubs folks the wrong way, they try and stifle and offset the salt by removing the saltiness rather than allowing the salt to be the cause for them to fill their hunger and thirst with His true and eternal ways not subject to the religious winds, doctrines and temporal solutions of this age.

The salt of Israelite truth always causes irritation in the religiously prideful and blind, along with those set in their manmade ways. Wayward church folks including many pastors, consider any salt truths that are found to the left of Matthew's Gospel in the "good book", to be an irritant. But any salt that does not include the ordinances of Torah is not true Israelite salt. True salt often brings out the worst in lawless people but can also bring out the best in you, and your personal return to Yahweh. The truth of the matter is that true salt in the hands of true children of salt is designed to preserve wayward Ephraim and Yahudah in the eternal paths, and not to hurt, sting or irritate them, as it does with the lost or deceived.


Mark/Moshe 9:49 states that "for everyone shall [must] be seasoned with fire, and EVERY OFFERING SHALL BE [FUTURE IMPERATIVE] SEASONED WITH SALT". In Mark/Moshe 9:44-48, Yahshua speaks of torment in the lake of fire for the unbelievers. Then He reiterates the Torah principle that in order to avoid punishment and the second death, [not eternal torment, rather eternal death in the Lake of Fire Rev. 20:14; Ezekiel 18:4] EVERYONE [ALL TRUE BELIEVERS] MUST BE SEASONED WITH THE SALT OF TORAH, AND MUST OFFER ALL TORAH OFFERINGS CONTINUALLY in accordance with His word. So clearly we see Yahshua making all eternal Torah mishpatim and chookim, as necessities for all His talmidim, not just for witnessing purposes but for the expressed purpose of offering Him true pleasing personal worship in order to ESCAPE DAMNATION. All of Torah keeping, Messiah loving Israel, (Rev. 14:12) will escape His wrath (First Thess. 5:9) through deliverance during the Great Tribulation, either by martyrdom or preservation through Yahweh's salt pact with Yisrael.


In Mark/Moshe 9:50 Yahshua warns us to have salt in ourselves, (Torah faith and lifestyles) and BE AT PEACE WITH ONE ANOTHER. ALL THE SALT ORDINANCES MUST BE FOUND IN ALL SALTED BELIEVERS, who claim to be sons and daughters of Yisrael, according to Messiah. The implication here on the sod or secret level of this saying, is that only Torah when accepted and re-instituted in all of Israel by both houses for both Yahudah and Ephraim, can finally bring peace and true shalom in equality between battling brethren. True peace and shalom among disciples cannot happen between the two houses until both houses realize that they are both equal Israelite heirs in our Messiah. Only those who have salt in themselves, and walk out Torah principles in their own lives, can walk with their Torah honoring brethren in a joint and mutual return to the nation of Yisrael (Ezekiel 37:23-24). A disciple sees him or herself as a survivor of the Diaspora, and sees a return to Torah, Messiah, and the land, as the ONLY road to travel. You will soon find others on the same road, and will be able to walk together in peace, and in confidence (Amos 3:3). Part of that salt awakening is the recognition that there are no longer Jews and Gentiles in the faith of our Messiah but that all are Israelites, and all are being summoned to a state of blessed return from spiritual and physical exile.

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