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Subject:The Two Houses of Israel:  SO WHAT? (Part 1 of 2)



By Rabbi Moshe Joseph Koniuchowsky
(Part 1 of 2)

Often when presented with two-house revelation truth, the receiving party will often agree with the basic premises of the theology. However often times the response of many is "so what?" "How does that affect my life and my walk with my Savior? How does that change my family and me?" Other times the response may be that two-house truth is kind of nice to know but "is not a salvation issue."

The following teaching has been compiled to minister solid biblical answers to the "so what?" attitude. Not only does the "so what?" attitude display a lack of understanding regarding the prophetic importance of this last days revelation, it is a smug and convenient answer by those refusing to answer the call of a more biblical set-apart walk. This teaching is done for all those who may still fit into the "so what?" crowd. Please take the time to look up all the scriptural references provided, in order to fully maximize the benefits gained from this teaching.

The Greco-Roman mindset that pervades both Judaism and Christianity has leavened both families of Israel and can only be eliminated when full two-house unity occurs. Until that time, both houses remain partially blind to their own paganism, albeit seeing the other house's paganism more clearly. Only when Yahweh fully reunites both houses of Israel, will righteous zeal be stirred up from within and Zion will be rebuilt into a spiritual fighting machine and pillar for truth against Greco-Roman doctrinal error. Zechariah 9:13-14.

The nation cannot be fully put together as one, without both the dispersed Jews and the outcast Israelites both receiving the call to teshuvah spiritually and then physically. Any attempts to reestablish Israel without the House of Joseph returning from outcast exile is doomed to failure and ultimate frustration. Isaiah 11:11-14.

The Arab-Israeli conflict can only be solved militarily when both houses militarily stand and defeat the sons of Esau-Edom. Scripture defines the conflict in the modern state of Israel as the Jacob vs. Edom war and not the Jewish-Arab war. There is good reason for that description, since Yahweh our Father has ordained that only when both houses are united under King Messiah Yahshua, will military victory come. Jewish Israel can merely struggle to survive and hold down the fort until the returning House of Joseph or non Jewish Israel, (believers) take their rightful place in the struggle, thus turning the State of Israel from survivors to overcomers. Isaiah 11:14-15, Obadiah 1:18-19, 20-21.

Until both houses are fully reunited the promise of Ephesians 2:14 remains unfulfilled. Even though Yahshua has made the mold for the one new man, that one new man must begin to see himself as national Israel. Until such time, the one new man continues to be wandering rootless and clueless to the truth of his identity and thus remains splintered into many sects with no roots in Israel. Separate entity theology continues to flourish while the one new man has not yet been fully manifested in his rightful place as an overcomer with Elohim-Yahweh. If separate entity theology thrives then so does the enmity. Only two-house restoration can in reality end the enmity of sectarian division. Ephesians 2:16.

The Brit Chadashah or Renewed Covenant sadly remains unratified, until both identifiable houses and parties agree to its provisions. If the House of Israel continues in it's blindness regarding Torah and if the House of Judah continues in it's blindness regarding King Messiah Yahshua (Isaiah 8:14), then neither house has fully entered into the cut covenant and so the Brit Chadasha remains a largely unratified covenant. The full ratification awaits the full acceptance of ALL the terms of the Renewed Covenant by both houses of Jewish and non-Jewish Israel. Jer. 31:31-34.

Until returning Ephraim (10 tribes) has returned to settle his own territory in the land of Israel, Yahweh will not return His Shekinah or His presence. Only when all the tribes are identified and returned to their original 1400 BCE borders, will Yahweh's full Shekinah return to empower and dwell amongst Israel. Without this full two-house restoration, Yahweh-Shema or Yahweh living there remains only a dream. Ezekiel 48:1-6, Ezekiel 48:35.

The moadim (feasts) and the Shabbat will be absent from most of Israel until Yahweh deals with returning Ephraim for his sin. Thus the dream of having Israel keeping Shabbat and the festivals awaits a repentant Ephraim being instructed and lured by Yahweh into the wilderness of wandering where He will speak to Ephraim. Without the House of Israel returning to Torah, Jewish Israel's return to Torah remains largely unfulfilled. Hosea 2:11-14, Ezekiel 20:16.

Despite all the good intentions and massive efforts to evangelize Jewish people to Messiah, scripture is clear that those efforts will manifest very limited success. The missing piece to the puzzle for all Israel to be saved is the end of non-Jewish Israel's captivity in the nations. Jewish Israel's latter-day harvest of souls is directly tied to this truth. Without the identification of the 10 tribes and their return to the fold of national Israel, Jewish evangelism will not enter the promised harvest of souls! When Ephraim (Christianity) repents of their whoring and defilement and returns to Torah, then we will be braced for the greatest Jewish harvest of souls. Thus those who fight the acceptance of Ephraim as physical non-Jewish Israel returning back into the nation of Israel are actually retarding the final appointed massive harvest of Jewish people into the kingdom. Until that day of Ephraim's repentant return, there is no true appointed massive JEWISH REVIVAL! For Jewish revival is directly tied into the revival of both still divided houses. Hosea 6:11 Micah 5:3, Romans 11:26.

Jewish Israel's role as the Torah teaching mouthpiece of Yahweh Elohim remains limited until the primary student arrives for Torah class. Returning Ephraim, (10 tribes) is appointed to arrive for class and sit and learn Torah,(not Talmud) from Torah faithful Messianic Jewish-Israel. Ephraim's AWOL-MIA status, has not allowed Jewish-Israel to enter its primary role as the teachers of the oracles of Yahweh to all 12 tribes. They continue to instruct themselves, teachers teaching teachers, while the enrolled student is Missing In Action. Jer. 31:19, Romans 3:2.

Non-Jewish believers cannot identify themselves as healed and returning Israel without Judah's proclamation of that healing. Thus we have a situation where though Ephraim has been atoned for, they remain ignorant of the magnitude of that CORPORATE healing including the national healing of the nation, until Judah's proclamation to Ephraim of that healing. Ultimately both houses must proclaim national restoration and healing. Hosea 11:3.

Regardless of how much false proclamation and prognostication regarding the timing of King Yahshua's return to earth, scripturally this return cannot take place until Yahweh has established 2 strong witnesses on the earth both confirming His return. As long as one half of Israel, (Judah) does not know how to cry or long for His return, He will not return (Matt 23:35). Without both houses longing for His return, He simply will not return. Two house restoration and recognition of His return will confirm and establish the truth of His return. Yahweh waits for both houses to be anointed so as to proclaim the same message. The coming King and His soon coming Kingdom. Rev 11:4, Zechariah 4:14, Acts 3:21.

The Beit Ha Mikdash or the Temple on Mt. Moriah cannot be rebuilt until those who are "far off" in the nations, return to rebuild the Temple. Yahweh has ordained that Jewish Israel CANNOT build the Tribulation Temple, until and unless brother Ephraim has been identified and allowed to help in the rebuilding. The term far away in Zechariah 6:15 is identical to the term far away (all 10 exiled tribes of Israel) used in Daniel 9:7 and Ephesians 2:13,17. In actuality, Jewish Israel's refusal to accept the claims of returning Ephraim as legitimate heirs and brothers in Israel, is delaying the rebuilding of the Temple. Zechariah 6:13 tells us the King Messiah Yahshua is destined to bring lasting peace between the two houses so that the far away exiled house of Israel, (Ephraim) will be accepted BEFORE the re-building of The Temple can commence!

Global peace will not be a reality until both Judah and Ephraim are at peace with each other as both are identified and reconciled to one another. The entire globe is being held at bay until Yahweh causes mutual respect and recognition between Jewish and non-Jewish Israel Those who truly want global peace and long for that day, will be the ones found working the hardest to bring mutual recognition and admiration between these two houses. For in so doing they are restoring Israel's fallen kingdom and through that restoration the entire globe will enter that peace established between Israel's two houses and thus the millennial reign will finally and at long last commence in earnest! We see the primary mission of the one on the donkey (Zechariah 9:9) as the restoration of both houses. Zechariah 9:10-11.

The Diaspora remains in force until exiles from both houses return. The return must be together (Jeremiah 50:4-6, Jeremiah 3:18, Isaiah 11:1-12). If one-house returns without the other as happened in 1948, you and I can be sure that that is not the end of the galut as spoken of by the apostles and prophets. A True final and lasting culmination of the galut awaits both houses entering into mutual recognition, identification and respect! Then the words of the prophets will come to pass in the end times as the return from the north and all the lands, will no longer be considered a Jewish return but rather a national return encompassing all 12 tribes. Without the two house message no one knows who Judah's partner is in this appointed return from and end to Diaspora. Jer. 3:18, Jer. 50:4-5. Israel's final return is classified as a time of togetherness preceded by mutual respect and RECOGNITION!

Jewish Israel will continue to feel insecure and unsafe in its own land until brother Ephraim is recognized, accepted and welcomed home. The fact that Jews are home but still not safe at home,is not Abba Yahweh's perfect will! It is not and cannot be the prophesied safety spoken of by the prophets of Israel. Jer. 23:5, Isaiah 9:6.

There is no true King over all Israel until both houses first ratify King Yahshua. Without a two house affirmation of one head, (Hosea 1:11, Ezekiel 37:24) the kingdom remains divided because both parties do not acknowledge the same King. Positionally He is the King of the Jews but in practical terms He waits till all His enemies in both houses are silenced. His very position as King in Jerusalem cannot be fully manifested and experienced nationally until both houses set the Holy One of Israel apart. Ezekiel 37:23.

Idolatry will remain a functional problem in all Israel until both houses proclaim Yahshua as Master. Purges of idolatry will only be temporal as the only lasting biblical solution to idolatry in Judaism and in Christianity is a full recognition and obedience to the Torah of King Messiah Yahshua. Idolatry as we know it in all its ugly manifestations, cannot simply be legislated or solved with just one repentant house. Scripture teaches that only when both houses of Israel are determined to remove themselves from idolatry via written Torah, will Yahshua's reign begin. Ezekiel 37:23.

Full Torah observance in all Israel will not be a reality until the reunification of both houses. The restored nation of Israel will have both a King and a Torah that He will use to rid all Israel of
idolatry. Therefore even if every Jew on the earth honors Torah, until Ephraim is instructed and abides in Yahweh's instructions, Israel remains a divided nation (Ezekiel 37:24). Both houses will walk in Torah only when both houses proclaim Messiah Yahshua as King and His words ALONE as truth. Ezekiel 37:24, First Corinthians 7:19.

Until Joseph is identified and returns to Israelite identity through Messiah Yahshua the Great Shepherd of Israel, (John 10:16) Messiah cannot begin a full ministry of shepherding. Though King Yahshua is the Shepherd over individual Israelites in His body via personal atonement, in order for Him to enter the fullness of His assigned shepherding role over a restored nation, Joseph must be led back to dwell in Jacob's tents. Yahshua is destined by His Father Yahweh, to lead Joseph as a flock, not a separate entity called a church in the back seat of a Jewish station wagon. Psalm 80:1-3, John 10:16.

If Israel is never restored to full Davidic glory on earth, then all of Yahweh's promises must be brought into question. His reputation as a covenant keeper to all who trust in Him is contingent upon His fulfilling the promise to the patriarchs, that multitudes from the nations, would come together in the last days to restore Israel's Davidic glory. If Yahweh has changed and decided to complete the promises of Israel's restoration with a one house solution, then how can He be relied on to fulfill without changing or amending the rest of His promises to all believing Israelites? Acts 1:6, Luke 24:21, Acts 3:21, Acts 15:14-19.

If in fact the ten tribes or the House of Joseph/Ephraim is not being gathered by Messiah Yahshua's shed blood, then King Yahshua is a false Messiah. The two-house issue is a vital and central proof of the true Messiah of Israel. If as is commonly taught believers in Yahshua are only or primarily Jews and non-Israelites (Gentiles), then we are left with the disturbing fact that Yahshua of Nazareth is a false Messiah. So rather than the two house issue being a side issue or a "so what" issue, it becomes a vital defining doctrine as to whether or not Yahshua of Nazareth is the Jewish Messiah. By definition the real King Messiah will be formed in a human womb to bring back all the tribes of Israel as recognizable and identifiable entities and restore Hebrew heritage to the preserved descendents of those 10 tribes as Gentiles returning from amongst the nations. Fortunately Messiah Yahshua is reuniting both rediscovered houses and thus had proved through two-house truth that HE and HE alone is the Messiah (Isaiah 49:5-6.) The two-house restoration of all of Israel's exiles is a litmus test of King Yahshua's ability and calling to perform as Israel's Messiah.

According to the bible, the nation of Israel will only have its spiritual strength, the light of Torah, restored through the return of the exiled tribes of Ephraim by the King Messiah, in order to be
spiritually awakened and quickened to walk in the light of the word. Only the restoration to Israel of fully departed tribes like Zebulon and Naphtali will result in Israel's, joy, increase, harvest and growth. That increase is said to happen by Messiah bringing back these tribes. Without an identification and subsequent restoration of these lost identity tribes, the nation will remain small weak and in darkness according to Isaiah 9:1-3.

Without two Israelite nations or corporate witnesses, Yahweh cannot testify to the validity of any of His word. According to the Torah principle of kilayim the two witnesses, (Ephraim and Judah, Moses and Elijah) cannot be from different seeds or separate entities that would make the community of faith defiled. Both corporate and individual witnesses must be from the same seed and from the same olive tree seed. The restoration of the two houses is necessary for all the confirmations of Yahweh's word that He has ordained to be confirmed, since both witnesses must be Israelite seed keeping the witness undefiled by different seed (Deut. 22:9, Lev. 19:19). For in depth treatment on this breathtaking confirmation, see homepage at http://www.yourarmstoisrael.org under "Proof From Torah That The Olive Tree Has To Be The Two Houses Of Israel!"

Without the truth of two-house restoration Yahweh is seen often as either allowing or tolerating or worse yet being a polygamist. Since most doctrines appearing in Christianity and Messianic Judaism often speak of the "gentile church" and the "Jewish believers" or the "Jewish expression", we are left with the untenable position that Yahweh has two brides or wives, both chosen, or beloved. Only two-house truth tackles and addresses this issue head on, by putting things in its proper biblical perspective. Both Jewish and non-Jewish Israel are equally chosen being two different sides of the same family according to Jeremiah 33:24 and not two separate entities, which tend to make Yahweh out to be a confused or a permissive polygamist. Only two-house truth solves the two-bride falsehood by proving that Israel is the eternal bride of both King Yahweh and His Son Yahshua throughout both the first and second covenants. (Rev. 19:7).

Only two house restoration finally addresses the misnomer ID "Gentile Christian" showing from scripture that when one is a believing Christian by definition they are no longer pagans nor are they wandering the nations apart from Yahweh, without any national corporate identity. Two-house truth is a necessity to give retuning Ephraim a proper balanced biblical perspective to their regained Israelite status, realizing that no one who has been regenerated and worships Yahshua is any longer considered a Gentile or pagan. Two-house truth puts to end the myth of the all too often misused oxymoron of "Gentile-Christian" or "Gentile-believer." In the Greek and Aramaic texts a non-Jewish believer is referred to as an ethnic or one from the ethnos. The term Gentile should only be understood as a non-believer. Two-house truth has liberated multitudes that have been kept in chains caused by dirty semantics. (Ephesians 2:11-12, Romans 11:17, Gal 6:16). Yahshua, Shimon Keefa (Peter) and Rav Shaul all remind us that disciples are Israelites by comparing them to the HEATHEN GENTILES. (Matt. 18:17, Matt. 6:7, 2nd Cor. 6:17, 1 Thess.
4:5, 1 Peter 2:12, Rev. 11:2.

Only two-house truth eliminates the need for 2 separate entities both with legitimate claims to being the chosen people of Israel, both vying for the title of Israel. With two-house truth there is one entity of Israel and all who are saved are Israel, thus ending the demonic claims of various forms of replacement theology (See Part 3 of this series entitled: The End Time Solution To Replacement Theology at http://www.yourarmstoisrael.org). By definition replacement theology can only survive if there are two perceived equal entitles both claiming to be the real Israel. Only two-house truth accurately portrays Judah and Ephraim, (the completion or fullness of the goyim Gen. 48:19) not as two separate Israel's but as two different sides of the same physical family of Israel. Only in two-house truth does the Jewish nation have no fear of being replaced by a self-proclaimed new Roman based and separate "New Israel." Only two-house truth solves the problem of further dividing Israel into a physical versus a spiritual Israel (a commonly held view), by proclaiming that the one Israel of Yahweh is both and at the same time physical and spiritual! Jeremiah 31:31-34, Gal 6:16.

The two-house message is the only message that ends all the false misunderstandings of who is adopted into what. Both Jewish believers and the so-called church teach that non-Jewish believers are adopted into Abraham's family and into Israel. Two house truth reverses that horrible error by focusing in on all five mentions of adoption in the Brit Chadasha and shows how all five references speak of non-Jews and Jews both needing adoption into Yahweh's family and NEITHER needing adoption into the physical family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, since
they already are in that physical family. Two-house truth finally defines the term "spirit of adoption" found in Romans 8:15, which leads us to cry out for adoption by and to Abba Yahweh, not Abba Abraham, as so many have been taught. Gal. 3:28-29 accurately reiterates that all Messiah's children are the sperm of Abraham, with the word "spiritual" not appearing anywhere in the text! See part 1 of this series for a full explanation.

The restoration of Israel message is the one that finally ends believer's boredom. Believers boredom as defined in Heb. 6:5-5 includes all things such as the overemphasis or continual repetitions of elementary teachings about salvation, faith, faith in faith, laying on of hands for ordination, healings, miracles and mikvahs or baptisms. The very things that most religious bodies focus in on every Sun-Day and major in, Yahweh calls elementary things that every believer should do at one time in their walk with Yahshua but not continually focus on these doctrines lest they become bored and turn away from the faith. Kingdom building is in essence nation building and until Israel is fully rebuilt or restored we keep busy with our major assignment. His assignment will keep us busy in His perfect will and will keep us from being bored and then sidetracked into other side projects. Until two-house truth became clear in these last days, the
family of Yahweh had suffered through various phases and stages of believer's boredom. In two-house revelation we have found the cure to believers boredom. Heb.: 5-6.

The restoration message is the only divinely sanctioned blue print for ending the Jewish-Christian civil war with the historical bad blood between the two families of Israel that has escalated with ebbs and flows for the greater part of 2000 years. This family feud can be trace back even further than 921 BCE to Solomon's time, when Ephraimites were considered hired or slave labor. There is no human solution to the religious intolerance between Jews and Christians, unless we are willing to subscribe to the prescribed solution of Yahweh found in Isaiah 11:12-13. If there was no other reason for the crucial nature of two-house truth, it is on this one point alone, that it becomes paramount that all born again believers adopt two-house restoration. What started out, as a political national conflict, later escalating into a religious conflict and now being both political and religious, must be ended by the healing balm of granting full Israelite citizenship and recognition, to both sides of a war torn and tattered family!

The incorporation of two-house truth, does in fact address the anti-Semitic lies of the poor "blind to Christ Jews". Two-house theology allows for the biblical declaration of Isaiah 8:14 and Romans 11:25 that all of Israel, Jewish and non-Jewish Israel BOTH have a major problem with spiritual blindness and thus is seen as a nationwide corporate problem and not as a Jewish problem which just leads to belittling and arrogant attitudes towards Jewish people. Two-house truth ends the lie that the Jews and they alone are spiritually blinded. No other theology correctly and scripturally brings such new and exciting balance to doctrinal hate.

Two-house theology puts all believers into the nation or commonwealth of Israel and as such Torah becomes the marriage covenant or the ketuvah by which all ascribe to set apart living through the keeping and honoring of mitzvoth. Two house theology calls all Israelites to carry the privilege and burden of Torah, not differentiating between small and great, based on their Jewishness or lack of Jewishness, but based upon a commitment and understanding that all believers from both Judah and Ephraim are called to shomer or guard Torah. Jewish pride is eliminated along with their perceived superior ability to keep Torah obligations. Non-Jews are equally encouraged and equally blessed to keep Torah as Israelites, not merely allowed to do so (First Cor. 7:19). Both houses are called to keep and guard Torah and share the blessing and the responsibility. No other doctrine maintains such a balanced view of accessibility to Torah blessings for any and all believers, irrespective of background or nationality!

Two-house restoration truth eliminates one of the most heinous manifestations of the religious flesh, which is the manmade conversion processes. In order to become a Jew a non-Jew must jump through certain manmade loops and often times become discouraged in the process. These manmade Beit Dins that take this conversion authority upon themselves, often are puffed up with pride by their selfsame view of their own importance. After all if humans can decide who is and who is not a Jew or an Israelite, they have divested in themselves a power pilfered from the Creator, to whom alone belongs the sovereignty to determine who is who. Other theologies even make it difficult for a Jew to be Jewish if they do not subscribe to a particular brand of Judaism. Messianic two-house truth follows and maintains the simple standards of scripture to determine Israelite status thus bypassing the unnerving manmade laws of varying Beit Dins. When a person loves Israel's Messiah, eats Israel's Passover lamb, (King Yahshua) becomes circumcised, (via new birth) and chooses to abide with others in an Israelite-Torah based heritage, they become citizens regardless of their background. They all are treated as natives with Israelite bloodlines, even if their claim to Israelite status is through Messiah Yahshua's own Israelite blood. Two-house truth is the only form of messianism, that emphasizes and remains faithful to First Cor. 7:20's warning, forbidding manmade conversions to attain a standing or a higher ranking in Messiah Yahshua.

Two-house revelation reminds us that Israel still lives in two still divided families who both are called Jacob and thus both will go through JACOB'S TROUBLE or the Great Tribulation (Jeremiah 30:7). If Ephraim truly is the other house of Israel, which they most certainly are, then they will go through the Great Tribulation and not fly away on a yellow submarine while their Jewish "blue meanie" brothers get zapped again as in the past. Two house truth is the only biblically sound doctrine that puts a final death nil to the anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish pre-tribulation rapture myth. Two-house revelation settles the rapture issue as a myth propagated contrary to the Scriptures. Scripture teaches that we are to look to lose our lives for His sake, not to search for fantasy ways to escape with our lives. The restored truth of a "change unto immortality and physical resurrection of the dead", are all reintroduced into their original doctrinal themes by
two-house truth. See part 10 of this series entitled: "A Stumbling Block To Restoration" on the homepage at http://www.yourarmstoisrael.org for many details on the rapture lie.

                       (End Part 1 of 2)


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