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BRIT-AM is an ORTHODOX JEWISH Organization

#1) Do Orthodox Jews believe in Replacement theology? NO
#2) Do Orthodox Jews believe in Christian British Israelism? NO

"Brit-Am  Israel".  (Brit = Covenant, Am = People in Hebrew)

"Brit-Am  Israel" at present is headed by Yair Davidy and by Rabbi Abraham Feld.

The address of  "Brit-Am  Israel"  is Yair Davidy, "Brit-Am Israel", P.O.B. 595, Jerusalem 91004, Israel.

The e-mail is : britam@netvision.net.il


*  The Hebrew Bible is the message of God.

*  Out of the original 12 Tribes of Israel Ten were lost. Two remained. The present-day Jews are descended mainly from the two remaining Tribes of Judah and Benjamin.

*  The Khazars were a Kingdom in southern Russia many of whose leaders converted to Judaism. The Khazars were descended from the Lost Ten Tribes. The Khazars were blood-relatives of the Picts who went to Scotland, and of the Anglo-Saxons, and of peoples in Scandinavia.

* In addition to the Khazars, many  other converts to Judaism
 through the ages were descended from assimilated Jews or from members
 of the Lost Ten Tribes.

* Most of the Lost Ten Tribes migrated to Northwest and Western Europe and their descendants are now in those areas or in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

* We do not claim that all residents of the said nations are descended from Israel. We do however affirm  that most descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are residents of those nations. On the whole they are unaware of their Israelite Identity.  Even so in the course of history  the Israelite origins  of peoples in those areas have influenced national developments and national characteristics.

*  The Tribe of Joseph was divided into  two other Tribes: Ephraim and Menasseh. People from ALL of the Israelite Tribes congregated in North America but in general the U.S.A. is dominated by Menasseh. Britain has characteristics of Ephraim.

* Reuben was important in France, Issachar in Switzerland, Benjamin in Belgium, Zebulon in Holland, Dan in Denmark, Naphtali in Norway, Gad in Sweden, the country of Finland was influenced by the Tribes of Simeon, Issachar, and Gad; Simeon, Dan, and Ephraim were important in Ireland.

* There is a need for the present-day  "Jews" of Judah and the Lost Ten Tribes to recognize each other, and to work towards re-unification and reconciliation.

* Proof exists confirming "Brit-Am  Israel"  Identity beliefs. Some of the evidence has been presented in works by Yair Davidy such as "The Tribes" (1993), "Ephraim" (1995), and "Lost Israelite Identity" (1996), as well as in articles in our journal "Tribesman". Much additional evidence is available and needs to be uncovered and published. Our sources include the Bible, Talmud, Midrashim, Commentators, Classical Greek and Roman historians, Chroniclers, Legends, Linguistics, Archaeology, and where pertinent racial and other scientific studies.

* Even though much of the evidence has been revealed by ourselves it is not ours alone. Our proofs have never been properly refuted. The basic claims we have made are irrefutable. If one cannot deny our claims and there is nobody else who can it follows that one should accept them. This means that  the identity of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel with western peoples should be acknowledged.  Once this acknowledgment is forthcoming  it is possible to discuss whatever practical conclusions need to be made.




FYI:  Yair Davidy is an ORTHODOX JEW. He does NOT believe in:

#1) Replacement theology
#2) Christian British Israelism

Yair Davidy / Brit-Am / Orthodox Jews DO believe in:

#1) The Restoration of BOTH houses of Israel in the future (the Messianic redemption or the Ingathering of the Exiles) (Ezekiel 37:15-28) when the house of Israel (The Ten Lost Tribes) join
themselves to / with the house of Judah in the end of days.

Recently, I ordered from Brit-Am and read the first three issues of the MAGAZINE BRIT-AM. The articles and the information in the magazine was OUTSTANDING.

It is VITAL in these days in which we live to understand that the belief in the restoration of both houses of Israel / Messianic Redemption / Ingathering of the Exiles and the reuniting of Ephraim
(Ten Lost Tribes) with Judah and Ephraim returning to Torah is a fundamental and foundational belief of Orthodox Judaism. It is one of the 13 articles of Jewish faith and a prayer for the Messianic Redemption / Restoration of both houses of Israel is prayed THREE times a day by Orthodox Jews.

I would HIGHLY recommend that our newsgroup members subscribe to the Brit-Am magazine to gain a greater understanding of Orthodox Jewish belief regarding this issue. In a recent edition of the magazine, Brit-Am stated that they have come to the conclusion that the primary religion of the Ten Lost Tribes today is Christianity.

Brit-Am declares that this information is VITAL to your understanding of the Bible and Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int'l agrees. Please consider obtaining the first 3 issues of the Brit-Am
magazine and subscribing to future editions.

Yours for the restoration of both houses of Israel,

Eddie Chumney
Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int'l


From: yair davidi (britam@netvision.net.il)
To:  heb_roots_chr@hebroots.org
Subject: The name Brit-Am


Ashton Lemonius asks:

Shalom Yair,

Please reply. What is the source of the name Britain/Britannia? Once and for all, is it from the Hebrew word "Brit" (Covenant) or "Barat Anach" (Islands of Tin)? We hope to hear from you soon? Shalom, Ashton. P.S. The website update is very effective. Keep on doing the great work Yahweh has entrusted to you. Please pray and ensure that all your moves are within HIS will. May GOD thus bles you abundantly.

The Question was :

What is the source of the name Britain/Britannia? Once and for all, is it from the Hebrew word "Brit" (Covenant) or "Barat Anach" (Islands of Tin)?


"Barat Anach" (Islands of Tin) as a Phoeneician name for Britain was proposed either by Sammes or by Bochart. They both wrote in the 1600s.

No known earlier evidence to my knowledge.

It may be true.

The way names worked in ancient times was that:

1. an original name was given with a set meaning.

2. Along came other peoples and took the original name to mean something entirely different but which sounded similar in their own tongue. Sometimes they slightly changed the name to fit the new interpretation.

3. There are cases where this is believed to have happened several times over.

Thus a name can have several meanings and interpretations all of which may be valid.

The name Brit-Am is Hebrew for "Covenant of the people". It is found in Isaiah 42:6 and Isaiah 49:8.

In both cases it is connected to the Lost Ten Tribes.

In ancient Hebrew the "n" and "m" (especially at the end of the word) in some dialects interchanged so Brit-Am could be considered a Biblical  hint to Britain. In some medieval English documents Britain is written as Brittamia.

We adopted Brit-Am as the name of our organisation and BRIT-AM as the name of our magazine.

We tried other names and variations but this is the one that stuck.

My friend Cecil Davis suggested that Brit-Am could also be understood to hint at Britain and America.

The ancient British called themselves Iberi or Hiberi meaning Hebrews.

The name Albion was also used which we believe to be a form of Lebanon.

The British were also known as Brettani or Britones.

The names Brit-on and Brit-ish in my opinion really were originally intended to connote "People of the Covenant".

At all events, in Hebrew: "ish" means "man" or (in Medieval Hebrew in some cases)"member of" and Brit means "covenant":

so Brit-ish really can be understood to mean "man of the covenant".

Even if one does not accept any of the above the use of the name Brit-Am in connectin to the Lost Ten Tribes is significant.

All of the above is not intended to serve as proof of anything BUT once we have other evidence  pointing in the same direction we are entitled  to view the above as an affirming point.


From: yair davidi (britam@netvision.net.il)
To: britam@netvision.net.il

Adapted from the book by Yair David "The Tribes"



The Phoenicians are believed to have visited AMERICA and  named it "The  Great North Country"32 and the Hebrew prophets predicted that in the end time the Lost Ten Tribes would return from the "North Country" (e.g. Isaiah 31:8) and they certainly were well acquainted with the Phoenicians. The Vikings attempted to settle in North America and named it "MARKLAND" which is believed to mean "Land of Darkness"33. Even so, Maruk (a permutation of Machir) and Mark (in "Markland") are not dissimilar. After the Vikings, the existence of America was realised by people in Britain including fishermen from the port of Bristol. Richard Ameryk, a Bristol merchant 1470's is now claimed to have maybe given America its name34. Ameryk was of Welsh ancestry and his family name originally was "Ap-Meryk", possibly denoting "Son of Machir".

The more commonly accepted explanation is that the name "America" comes from that of the Explorer, Amerigo Vespucci (1451-1512) also called "America" and (after 1507) "America" is said to have been named in his honor. At all events, the name Amerigo or "America" is similar to Medieval appellations (Aimerico, etc.35) for a Jewish Prince of southern France whose proper Hebrew name (from which the Latinised appellations were derived) was MACHIR36.

The name in Hebrew was also given as "HaMachiri". The Hebrew version is difficult for untrained westerners to pronounce (or even remember)  and so was rendered in Medieval Latin as "Americo" or "Amerigo" and this name was later given to Amerigo Vespucci who gave his name to the land of America.

It follows that the name AMERICA may well be understood to mean "Land of Machir", son of Menasseh. The very name "Menasseh" in Hebrew (according to the Commentary of Rabbi Shimshon Raphael Hirsch) can mean delegated responsible representation and this is a fundamental aspect of the North American character. The USA was created when its early settlers declared "no taxation without representation" and fought against Britain for their Independence.

America was named after Machir, and Benyamin Turkia pointed out that "Machir" in Hebrew can mean "selling" and the principles of Captialism and Free Enterprise have also become part of the American character. 


ZUCKERMAN, Arthur J. "A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France, 768 900". New York 1972. p.375 Al Makhiri (Ha Makhiri came to be known as "AYMERI", as "Maghario," (p.180) or "Magharius", as "Aymeri, p.121 n.16., and as "Aimerico", and "Aimericus". Zuckerman p.131 n.38,

It should be noted that in Rabbinical commentaries on the Bible and in Jewish tradition the meaning and origin of names is very important and this principle is supported by the Bible itself.

Great emphasis is given to the meaning of names, e.g. the names of Abraham, Sarah, and Israel.

Yair Davidy


From: yair davidi (britam@netvision.net.il)
To: britam@netvision.net.il
Subject: The name Menassheh

Extract from the book by Yair Davidy "Ephraim":


The nickname "Yank" applied to  someone from the U.S.A. is derivable from a possible pronounciation of the Hebrew name Yaacov or Jacob rendered as "Yankel" in Yiddish10.


The Patriarch Joseph son of Israel had two sons, Ephraim and Menasseh, whose names testified to aspects of their national destiny:

"And unto Joseph were born two sons  before the years of famine came, which Asenath the daughter of Poti-phera priest of On bare unto him. And Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh: For God has caused me to forget [Hebrew: `Nashani'] all my troubles and my father's family (Genesis 41:50-51).

The Hebrew word translated above as "forget" is derived from a root, "NOSHE", connoting "movement from its proper place":  One forgets when something "slips one's mind", as if to say that whatever has been forgotten has moved from its proper place in the brain's retrieval system. Similarly,

"And Jacob was left alone and there wrestled a man with him.. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh, and the hollow of Jacob's thigh  was out of joint as he wrestled with him........ Therefore the children of Israel eat  not of the displaced nerve*s [Hebrew: "Gid HaNosheh")...(Genesis 32:24,25,32).

The sciatic nerve is called "Gid HaNoSHeh"  meaning "the sinew that was displaced" (Genesis 32:33) when Jacob wrestled with the angel, and consequently (though victorious) limped away..By the same principle a creditor in Hebrew is called a "Nosheh" since what is rightfully his he has moved out of his domain and placed in charge of another and may demand an accounting of his own. Women collectively are called in the Plural "NoSHim" [and not "Ishoth" as they should logically be] since communally their collective rights are delegated elsewhere, i.e. in their husbands upon whom they have a claim to be represented by them. It follows that any name derived from this root "NoSHeH" has several possible connotations including "forget", "move,  or slip", "credit or oblige an accounting" (i.e. hold responsible), or be responsible to and "represent". It seems that the name Menasseh (derived from the root "NaSHeH") may be understood to mean "responsible representation" which is the type of Democratic Government the U.S.A. sometimes seems to base its whole being upon.

A linguistic analysis (freely translated) of the name "Manasseh" by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888) extracted from his Commentary on the Book of Genesis serves as background to the above interpretation:

[Genesis 41:51:`.."Forget" is not the only meaning of "Nosheh". "Nosheh" also means: to be the bearer of a claim, to be a creditor.  

[Genesis 32:33:]`"Nosheh" ...to have body or property in another's trust. Thus the "NoSHeH" (Creditor) has  passed to another person part of his property  and as a result he demands something from him.....a woman in the singular [Hebrew: "Ishah"] ...complements (her husband) and stands by his side as an equal. In the plural [i.e. in the plural name for women, "NoSHim"], however, is revealed the communal status of woman, who surrenders some of her rights to the man and these rights are represented by him. Only in the mass, in the life of the general whole group, do women reveal themselves as weak and lacking resourcefulness. - Women, however, are "Noshim" (i.e. "creditors") with a claim [to be represented] on the husband  who owes it to them' (S.R. Hirsch on Genesis 32;33)*t.

The relevant verse regarding the name MENASSEH, Genesis 41:51, says:

"And Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh: For God has caused me to forget [Hebrew: `Nashani'] all my troubles and my father's family (Genesis 41:50-51).

S.R. Hirsch on the above states that "nashani" does not mean "forget" in case of the name "Menasseh" (Genesis 41:51 continued) but rather delegated representation:

`The correct interpretation  therefore of "Nashani" [from which the name "Menasseh is derived] is that God has made my tragedy and my [loss of] family credit claims. From that which till now appeared to be tragedy and torment God has made a tool to form my happiness. I am greatly obligated to my tragedy and [loss of] family'.

 In the light of the above observations and the Commentary of Rabbi S.R. Hirsch, the verse (Genesis 41:51-52) may be re-formulated  and understood as saying:

 "And he called the name of the firstborn Menasseh: for of all my troubles and [loss of] my father's family, God has made representative agents [Hebrew: "nashani"=] acting on my behalf and to whom I am obliged"*u.

he name MENASSEH is therefore derivable from the root "Nosheh" as demonstrated in the above verse. A Creditor is a "nosheh" because he has a claim on somebody else; women are "noshim" ["nosh-im" = plural of "noshe"!] because as a group they have a claim on their husbands to represent their interests. Joseph named his firstborn "Menasseh" because (through God's agency) he "owed" his success to his personal troubles and loss which had become both his creditors and agents on his behalf. "MENASSEH" according to the above study  actually means:


The U.S.A. was founded and dominated by descendants of Menasseh. Before the foundation of the U.S.A.  North America was settled by migrants mainly from the British Isles. Friction developed between the British Government and the settlers who adopted the slogan: "No Taxation Without Representation". In other words they demanded the application of those very principles embodied in the name "Menasseh" according to the above explanation!!

When these demands were not met, Revolution resulted and all those ("Loyalists") who were not prepared to fight against the "mother country" were driven out and moved to Canada. The Americans were prepared to kill or be killed and to engage in fratricidal strife all for the sake of an ideal which in Hebrew could be termed "MENASSEH"! After the War of Independence 13 colonies (representiing 13 Tribes of Israel?) formed the U.S.A. It was proposed and seriously considered to adopt Hebrew as the national language and the Mosaic Code as obligatory Constitutional Law. A picture of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea was suggested as the National emblem*v. The Constitution of the United States of America laid the basis for Responsible Representative Government. Foreign observers are constantly surprised by the importance attached by Americans to their Constitution. Whether something is right or wrong or whether or not it is "Constitutional" appear to be synonymous considerations to the American mind, as if the principle embodied in the name "Menasseh" is part of their very personal being!! Much of the U.S.A.'s foreign policy often seems dedicated ideally to encouraging forms of representative responsible government (resembling that of the U.S.A.) being adopted by others. Other countries are Democratic but only the U.S.A. makes Republican Democracy an expression of itself. Only the U.S.A. is Menasseh!*w The American Civil War was brought on by several factors including the issue of slavery but the immediate cause was over the Constitutional right claimed by some States to secede from the UNION. Regardless of which side was or was not in the right, the victorious "Yankee" northern "Union" side believed it was fighting for the principle enunciated by Abraham Lincoln of: "Government of the people, by the people, and for the people"11. Another aspect of the name "Menasseh" according to the explanation of S.R.Hirsch was that through representation  (in this case before God) Joseph had been enabled to turn his failure and deprived status into the basis of his later success: The American belief in equality of opportunity reflects this same principle.


From: yair davidi  (britam@netvision.net.il)
To: britam@netvision.net.il
Subject: BRIT-AM no.3

BRIT-AM no.3

- Editorial;
 Rabbi says Judaizing tendencies are due to ancestral origins; Christian Supporters of Israel Show Interest in Brit-Am; Meeting With Fellow Identity Travellers; Conference Discussed; Visitors From California; Questions: How did you get started in this? Do you encounter any opposition? If so, from whom? Jews? Gentiles? What do you think the future holds for our nations according to the Bible? What do you think the course of action should be for those who adhere to BRIT-AM conclusions? New Research: Bible Commentaries; Biblical Archaeology; Human Genetics: 40-60% of West European ancestors from the ancient Near East? Ancient Anglo-Saxons, Celts p.3


What Action Should the Lost Ten Tribes Take? According to Prophecy the Lost Ten Tribes were to: 1) lose their faith and thus their identity as Israelites. 2) later restore their relationship with God and recover their identity; 3) grow vastly in numbers; 4) join the House of Judah (the Jews) in reconquering the land of Israel; 5) settle in Israel 6) solve their differences with the Jews, uniting with them; 7) and together become a nation of priests, above other nations, a blessing to all the families of the earth, probably in the messianic era. In addition the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh are to: 8) grow exceptionally in numbers, 9) benefit from the best of the earth's resources, 10) have the military status of a world power. AGENDA: Completing the Reformation; Defending  Israel; Settling in the land; Strengthening the political effectiveness of Ephraim; A CONFERENCE p.7 qGenetics: Scientists May Be Able to Trace Individual Families! New
Scientific Information that may ultimately be useful to trace Israelite ancestry in general, trace membership of each tribe, and individual belonging to clans within the tribe.

Clinton and Starr: Manasseh versus Ephraim? by Philo-Israel II  Differences Between Different Portions of the USA are explainable by different Israelite Tribal Origins! Menasseh versus Ephraim?

Scary Situation For Our Brother Judah; From The Tribe Of Issachar; Confederates Were Scotch-Irish. Should They Leave the USA? Blessing; Great Interest; God's work; Meaning of Family Name; Visions of Israel; Why Do You Wear a Beanie? Interested in Migrations; Appreciation; Welsh Physical Appearance; Descendant of Ezra the Scribe; Need For Open Minds; Norwegian Interest; Message from Sweden; People in Office Interested  p.19

Bible Study: The LOST TEN TRIBES in Prophecy: by Yair Davidy: The Early Hebrews: Tensions Existed From The First; The Division of Israel; The Exile; in The West; in the north; Isles of the Sea; Tarshish; Colonialism; "A LIGHT TO THE GENTILES"; "BRITTANIA"; Australia; SINIM; Kedar =America; p.24

 CASTAWAYS: LOST WHITE TRIBES. Scattered Groups of White Castaways.
ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION? Historical and Conceptual Background of Idea
p.35. TRADITION IS BEST, HAGUE TELLS ISRAEL: Tory leader backs brother
nation p.37.

The Messiah Son of Joseph and the Lost Ten Tribes in Jewish Sources and Especially in Those Attributed to Elyahu of Vilna: Future Leader of the Lost Ten Tribes; Our Prayers Are Needed; Comes From the North; Defeats Esau; Paralleled by Mount Zion; Expands Borders of Israel, Wars Against Amalek; Unrecognized by Judah and His Brothers; Ingathers the Exiles; Purifies the Land of Israel; Joshua ben Nun Was a Forerunner; Aroused by Elijah; Causes Non-Israelite Nations to Repent; Turns Defeat Into Victory; An Aspect of MBJ exists in Each Generation;
The Heavenly Ladder; The Two Sticks Must be Joined Through Our Initiative! Rebuilds Jerusalem, Settles the Wilderness; Ransoming Captives; Reveals Secrets of the Torah; Horns of a Unicorn; Dan Assists; We Must Do Our Utmost p.37

For a subscription of  four issues of BRIT-AM write to:

Yair Davidy
POB 595
Jerusalem 91004

BRIT-AM is a magazine that carries a unique message and contains information vital to you and the future.

The 2nd edition of "The Tribes" is now available. This work contains information of great interest that you need to know. By purchasing the book you will also be assisting us to further this message.

"The Tribes" can be ordered at http://www.webstore.watchmanofzion.com


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