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Noahide/Commentary:  GETTING BACK TO THE BIBLE

by Evert Kooy [kooye@iaml.net]

>MOSES LAKE, Washington, Yom Sheini (Second Day - "Monday"), 8 Adar I, 5760
>(Christian Date:  February 14, 2000) (Muslim Date:  8 Thul-Quada, 1420),
>Root & Branch:  I feel like writing a letter to you.  Where I live in the
>State of Washington I don't have many people to talk with about the
>subjects which are dear to me -- Jews, Israel, Torah and Noahides.
>I am not much of a writer.  I was born in Holland.  When I was 23 I left
>Holland.  I never studied English in school so please don't pay attention
>to my spelling and grammatical mistakes.
>In 1980 I joined the Baptist Church.  After 8 years I quit the church for
>lack of faith in the Greek ("New") Testament, as a result of the many
>contradictions that I found it contained.
>Christians try to find Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures (the Tannach, "O.T."
>or Only Testament) but he is not there.  The Christians say that there are
>many prophecies of foretelling the coming of Jesus in the Hebrew
>Scriptures, but none of them make any sense.
>The reason I had trouble with the Greek Testament was that I got acquainted
>with the Hebrew Scriptures before I started studying the Greek Testament.
>I used to farm and there was not much to do in the winter, so every winter
>I read the Bible, always starting on page one of Genesis.  I never got to
>the Greek Testament until I joined the Baptist Church.  The Baptist Church
>spent most of its time teaching us from the Greek Testament, with very
>little time spent studying the Hebrew Scriptures.
>I am convinced if every would-be Christian were to start studying the Bible
>on page one of Genesis there would be a lot more Noahides.
>Last week I got a invitation from a new Christian to go with him to a Bible
>study class.  I told him I would join him if the class started studying the
>Bible on page one of Genesis.  Of course they won't.  They always start in
>the Greek Testament, most likely in the Gospel of John.
>Getting information about authentic Jewish teachings is not so easy where I
>When I quit the Baptist Church in 1990, I was looking for study books and
>commentaries.  I had the basics but I wanted to learn more.
>I remember calling a rabbi in Seattle, and I told him what I needed.  The
>rabbi was very nice, but when I told him I was not Jewish he lost interest
>in me.  He told to go to a Jewish bookstore.  The trouble was that the
>nearest Jewish bookstore was 1000 miles from where I live.
>One day I got hold of the Jerusalem Post.  I am reading it ever since.
>Through the Jerusalem Post I found places to order Jewish books and tapes.
>Then my daughter gave me a computer and now I am in great shape.
>But not everybody has a computer and not everybody gets the Jerusalem Post.
>I sure enjoy getting all the E-mail from Root & Branch.  Every time I get
>something from Jerusalem I feel like a little kid getting a present.
>We getting bombarded with Christian doctrine day and night on radio and
>T.V.  It would be nice if there was a real Jewish rabbi on the radio or TV
>for two or three hours a week, explaining the Hebrew Scriptures.  That
>would also help slow down the number of Jews who fall prey to Evangelical
>Christian missionary activities.
>Some times I tell people about the Noahide Movement but they are not
>interested.  The Christians here are very nice, at first.  They think I
>need help and they keep telling me Jesus loves me, but I know enough to
>refute most of their false ideas.  Any time they have to admit that they
>are wrong they say, "You have believe by faith, Jesus cannot be wrong".
>Hope you have time to read this.
>Shalom from Moses Lake,
>Evert kooy


    As you know, I have written to you in the past. Several years
ago, HaShem puy  it upon my heart to start a ministry to teach
believers in Yeshua/Jesus as Messiah about our rich Hebraic heritage
in Messiah. This ministry is now called Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int'l.

    I began studying about my rich Hebraic Heritage in Messiah in
1989. From all the things that I learned that they didn't teach me in
Church, I wrote three books to help other non-Jewish believers in
Messiah to know more about their rich Hebraic heritage in Messiah. 
They are:

#1) The Seven Festivals of the Messiah (Lev 23)
#2) Who is the Bride of Christ?
#3) Restoring the Two Houses of Israel (Ezekiel 37:15-28)

     When I learned about the importance of the Sabbath, the themes
of the Biblical Festivals in Lev 23, the 7,000 year plan of God and
the restoration of the two house of Israel, my knowledge and
understanding of the scriptures EXPLODED and I could see MESSIAH by
studying the rich Hebraic heritage of my faith in Messiah GREATER
than I have ever seen him through traditional church in the Jewish
scriptures and was able to connect how the TeNakh fits together so
perfectly with the renewed covenant in a way which I didn't think was

    Since 1996 when the ministry was founded, we now have over 4,500
members who have joined the ministry over the Internet in the past 3
years. All feel that something is "missing" at their traditional
churches and feel a refreshing by learning and studying about our
rich Hebraic heritage in Messiah.

    Fellowships and congregations from all over the USA and even
foreign requests have asked me to teach weekend "For the Love of
Zion" seminars. In these seminars, I teach about the Sabbath, the
Biblical Festivals, Torah and grace, the 7,000 year plan of God, the
Jewishness of the Messiah and the Scriptures and the prophecy of the
restoration of both houses of Israel (Ezekiel 37:15-28).

    When I am finished with my seminars, people have a DEEP DESIRE to
study and keep Torah, love the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

   In my ten year experience of personal study, three years of having
a ministry on the Internet and meeting people from doing my "For the
Love of Zion" teaching seminars, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt
there IS a DEEP DESIRE among MANY non-Jews to embrace the Torah and
their Hebraic heritage in Messiah. I can also say that the views of
the person who wrote this note (Evert kooy) does NOT represent the
views of the people I have met who have a desire to study about their
Hebraic heritage and keep and follow the Torah.

   The views of this person (Evert kooy) is absolutely and totally
beyond a shadow of a doubt APOSTACY. It would be the same as me
posting to my over 4,500 members of the ministry a quote by Ehud
Barak that was posted on the Root and Branch newsletter recently that the
nation of Israel does NOT need to depend upon the mercy of HaShem but
needs to trust in the IDF. Or posting a quote that Yitzchak Rabin
made in the early 1990's that the 'Bible is NOT the map  of Israel'
and then trying to equate these statements as representing the Torah
or the Torah observent Jewish community !!!!

     Aryeh by being President of a ministry called "ROOT and BRANCH",
you have a RESPONSIBILITY to KNOW what BRANCHES believe and
understand the world in which you live.

     However, your postings on "BRANCH" issues continue to show that
you are NOT trying be a ROOT and BRANCH organization but instead you
are trying to promote an AGENDA to discredit a JEW who lived in the
first century who was  born a JEW, lived a JEW, died a JEW and is
coming back to rule and  reign during the Messianic age as a JEW
teaching the TORAH to all  nations during the Messianic Age (Isaiah

    Aryah, you are well aware that the Temple was destroyed in 70
C.E. because of BASELESS HATRED of Jew against Jew. Yet, you are
using a ministry named ROOT and BRANCH is promote BASELESS HATRED
from Jews (like yourself) against another Jew who lived in the first
century simply because you don't believe that He was the Messiah.

   You continue to post articles from people against this Jew of the
first century and views of non-Jews who DO NOT represent the BRANCH

   Having studied the Hebraic roots  of my faith in Messiah for over
10 years and discovering that we (non-Jewish believers in Messiah)
need to repent and keep the Sabbath, Biblical Festivals and embrace
the 7,000 year plan of G-d and the restoration of both houses of
Israel and being the founder of a ministry which tries to
promote the embracing of our rich Hebraic heritage in Messiah, I can
assure you that the writer of this article (Evert kooy) is NOT rooted
and grounded in the scriptures of the Bible and his views does NOT
represent those who have a desire among non-Jews to embrace the Torah
and our Hebraic heritage. Like I said previously, His views regarding
the Jewish scriptures and the Messiah is plain and simply APOSTACY.

    Aryeh, what is even more sad is that you thought that what he
said was credible enough to post as a root and BRANCH newsletter!
What is even more sad than that is that you are president of a root
and BRANCH organization and you have such a distorted and perverted
view of the BRANCH (non-Jewish) world.

    Aryeh, I bet that you won't take the time and effort to post this
article to the root and BRANCH newsletter because of your political
agenda (rather than a TORAH based agenda) so that BALANCE can be
presented in your newsletters so that BRANCH people can have an
opportunity to see EVIDENCE that a ROOT organization is also a
CREDIBLE "BRANCH" organization also.

    I have a GREAT DESIRE for the ROOT world to be ECHAD with the
BRANCH world (Ezekiel 37:15-28) but by posting such an article like
above, you are doing NOTHING to help this prophecy to become a
reality in the days and times in which we live and create
understanding between ROOT people and BRANCH people.

    May HaShem CONTINUE to pour out His RUACH all over the world (we
have members of Hebraic Heritage Ministries from over 60 countries)
and bring the BRANCH world (who believes in the Jew of the first
century who is Messiah ben Yosef AND Messiah ben David) into an
understanding that we have departed from Torah and called it a
"strange thing" (Hosea 8:12) and begin to do TESHUVAH and be
INSTRUCTED (Jeremiah 31:19-20) in TORAH because RACHEL is weeping for
her children (Jeremiah 31:15-17) until the ROOT world becomes ECHAD
with the BRANCH world (Ezekiel 37:15-28).  May HASHEM do this
speedily in our days. Amen!
    Eddie Chumney
    Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int'l 

P.S. PLEASE read Chapter 12 of my latest book, "Restoring the Two
        Houses of Israel" located at:


    so that you can play a more POSITIVE role in bringing together
the ROOT world with the BRANCH world so that we can become ECHAD
as prophecied in Ezekiel 37:15-28.

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